The Online Courses Builder Program

Everything you need to know about leveraging online marketplaces to create and sell online courses for Passive Income!


Did you know that the e-Learning industry already makes over 25 billions of dollars in revenue every year?

Hello and welcome to the “Online Courses Builder Program”. My name is Sorin, I am an Online Entrepreneur and the creator of this Premium Training Program.

As you have probably already figured out from the title of the training, this is a course designed by me, from my own experience accumulated in little over 5 years in the e-Learning industry, for the people that want to start a business online centered around their passion or expertise, that have no knowledge of how to do it, and that are overwhelmed with all the hype and information that is around content marketing, list building, easy traffic and one push button softwares that don’t bring you any results.

This course is based on my own experience on how to start with creating an selling online courses and how you can scale this activity to up to 4 figures per month. And I am not talking fantasies, some of you may want to do less, some of you more, it’s up to you how much you want to make and how much effort you want to put into it, but just check my results bellow to see that anything is possible.

Practicly in this course you will learn step-by-step everything you need to know in order to be able to start to create an sell your own online courses and get results like this.

So, in other words you will learn:

– How the e-Learning industry works and why is it such a big trend.

– How you can create and sell online courses without having to market them yourself.

– How an online course should look like.

– What software and equipment you need to create online courses …or do you really need them?!

– How to repurpose your content and sell it in multiple marketplaces to maximize your income.

– Which are the best marketplaces for selling your courses and how to succed on them.

– How to build a long term business and how to use alternative promotional methods.

and much more…

You will also get :




And I will stop by telling you that you will have the tremendous opportunity to work with people from various niches, collaborate and even create and sell online courses together.

Even more, you have no risks involved if you enroll today in this Premium Training whatsoever because you have a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That means that if for whatever reason you feel that the course wasn’t for you than you get your money back, no questions asked!

If you still have doubts or think that “The Online Courses Builder Program” is not for you than check out bellow what other people already have to say about “The Online Courses Builder Program”

"When I just started as an Online Instructor Sorin was one of the people who inspired me and who was opened to communication and sharing valuable knowledge and experience accumulated by him in this industry. I am 110% sure that his training and guidance will help you to get started fast and with success in the online teaching world!"
Jan Zavrel
Skillshare Instructor
"We were approached by Sorin a couple of months back to collaborate for the creation of an online course on Big Data and Hadoop. We decided to work together and I feel like a whole new world of opportunities has opened for me and for my company. We are now in the process of building more online courses, creating our strategy on how to approach our market from here on and all o this is because of a simple message we got from Sorin. You definitly have to join him in this program!"
Naman A
Big Data Specialist
"I met Sorin because of Udemy. As a collegue instructor I've watched him rise and constantly develop in the past one year and a half. He is always improving, launching new courses, testing new platforms and scaling his business. This guy is definitly one of those people you have a lot to learn from."
Scott Paton
Top Udemy Instructor

I didn’t published these testimonials of these people to impress you but to show you what is possible if you are willing to work together with me and open minded. I had the pleasure to work with these people that now I can call friends and I am grateful for the results that we have built together.

Now it’s the time for You to make a decision. Enroll right now in the course and let me help you in starting your own online courses business today!

About Sorin Constantin

Hi. My name is Sorin Constantin and I am an Online Entrepreneur and Marketer since 2013. In the last 5 years I've started more projects with success in the online world in e-commerce and affiliate marketing and managed to sell more than 1.000.000$ in physical products, digital products and services from which probably more than 35% represent different froms of sales for online courses. I want to share my experience in the industry and I truly believe that Passive Income can be a Reality for anyone who is chosing this path. I hope to see you in my courses and to bring value in your business. Also if you would like to connect with me just reach out. I love to stay connected to ambitious and driven to learn people like yourself.

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