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High Quality Video CTAs Pack To Use For Your Own Projects (Videos) And For Your Clients

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Dear Future Business Owner…

As someone who dreams of owning a business online, you know one of the best ways to do it is to sell your own products or to have the tools needed to provide a high quality service to a hungry market full of buyers.

Problem is, creating a product takes time, effort and a lot more.

Here’s WHY This Matters to You

As an Online Business Owner:

You build a business by supplying the “demand of the market” —

And the market RIGHT NOW is drooling for a particular product that you can now provide WITHOUT the usual hassles other people face…

Good News, I’m Revealing that Market to you now:

The "Video Marketing" Niche

It’s no coincidence that one of the newest and fastest-growing online marketing niches is this one. People all around the world are looking to get more customers and build their businesses and brands . 

Video Marketing is booming and it’s the way to go if you want to aquire new customers for your business.

Sales Videos and Videos in general are an important component of this trend because they are providing marketers and business owners results in aquiring new leads and customers for their businesses.

Online Videos are responsible for over 60% of all online traffic and if you have the right type of video in place you can turn a totally cold market into a base of loyal customers that will skyrocket your profits.

Sales Videos And Lead Generation Videos are very popular and online marketing agencies are charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single 2-3 minutes video. 


there’s a...


Creating your own high converting video for yourself or your clients can be a pain.

After having to create your video content the last thing you want to do is lose more time and energy to transform that video into a high converting one that will transform visitors into leads or buyers.

Face it, high converting videos that you can use or sell to your customers don’t come that easy and if you want to outsource them they don’t come that cheap either.

Selling videos is a lucrative business for lots of marketers, entrepreneurs and agencies —

— and they make thousands per month with it —

Most agencies sell them for at least 150$ and they sell tens and hundreds of them.

A lot of marketers outosurce their videos, pay hundreds of dollars and end up with videos which not convert very well and they are dissapointed with the end result.

The SECRET TO HIGH CONVERTING VIDEOS is having the right type of CTA, and that is where this offer comes into play!

Most likely, that’s exactly why you’re purchasing this offer – because you want to start creating high converting videos for yourself, for your clients or simply to sell it as a standalone product to other marketers so they can use it themselvs.

J. Lo taught us that “Love don’t cost a thing”…

But Creating High Converting Videos DO...

Look How Much People Usually Charge

For A Custom Video


Now, You Can Own This Video CTAs Pack As Your Own Product

  • NO marketing experience needed.​
  • NO technical skills needed.​
  • NO product creation ideas needed.​
  • NO extensive time investment needed.​
  • NO big budget needed

Are You Interested in a Business Ready for

Re-Sell or Re-Brand?

What if you could bypass the system and have a ready product that you could deploy today?

With Private Label Rights or PLR.

You’re probably thinking that it all sounds great, but unfortunately, a lot of the products that offer private label rights out there are not of the highest quality…

Or maybe you’ve purchased PLR products in the past and been disappointed with what you have received…

I know I have bought some PLR in the past that was VERY disappointing.
In fact, a lot of the PLR out there is absolute rubbish…

We wanted to change that, because buying and selling a PLR product is a great way to have a high-quality, well-crafted, in-demand product to sell.


"The Video CTAs PACK”

A High Quality Collection of 20 4K Video CTAs With Sales System Included!

  • Full Reseller License Included.
  • Why waste time looking all over the web for just the right freelancer to create your video? Get instant access to this pack and creat your own HIGH CONVERTING VIDEOS!
  • Can be used to create your own videos and projects or for your clients
  • Pay once and get instant access to the Pack And Sales System.
  • Add to a membership site
  • Sell as your own product.

Here's Exactly What You Get in This DFY Online Business

  • 20 High Quality 4K Video CTAs Pack
  • Sales And Thank You Pages
  • Graphics
  • Reseller License
  • Banners


Here Are Some Business Ideas

With This Package

  • Sell as your own standalone product.
  • Use the video CTAs to create your own videos
  • Use the Video CTAs to start an video marketing online business and sell videos to business owners.
  • Re-bundle with other products and sell for higher price.
  • Use it in your membership site.

You Won't Find an Offer Like This Anywhere Else!

Look, we don't care if you use our Pack to create your own videos, for your clients, products or sell it as a stand alone product. You can modify it anyway you like and use it as a DFY business or use it in your business.
You Have Two Choices

At This Point…


Create Your Own Product

Although there’s nothing wrong with creating your own product, it can be extremely time-consuming or expensive if you decide to outsource everything…

It can easily take 250 hours or more to create a product, write the sales copy, do the graphics, and get it all online… And that’s if you know what you’re doing!

If you decided to outsource the project like most marketers, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars for product creation, hundreds of dollars for expertly written copy, and hundreds of dollars for graphic design…

The cost to create a high-quality product with sales copy and graphics can easily exceed $5,000…


Invest in this wonderful package with Full RESELLER Rights…

You get a professionally created, up-to- date product that people want and need that you can start using in your business or selling TODAY…

No spending weeks creating a product or waiting for your contractors to finish the job…

You can be live as soon as you click the button below, and for MUCH, MUCH less than what you’d spend if you outsourced the whole thing…

But That’s Not All, I’m Going To Make This Deal A Whole Lot Better For You...

When You Make The Wise Decision To Get Your Hands

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Editing Videos for free

Master Resell Rights

A video course composed of 8 videos that will teach you how to edit videos for free.


Video marketing master


This is a guide that will teach you how to dive into video marketing with ease and the basis of any successful promotional video marketing campaign.


modern video marketing pack


It’s About Time For You To Learn The In’s And Outs Of Successful Modern Online Video Marketing!


Yours FREE When You Order This PACK

The Real Reason For The Low Price...

$17.95 is an affordable price for all marketers, even for newbie entrepreneurs. We know how hard it's like to get started on a tight or no budget at all. Plus, we truly value you as long term customer.

And we know that you will be happy to come back for more when we create our sequels in the near future.

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From the package to bonuses, and not to mention the fact that you can earn from this over and over and over again-- this is practically the greatest deal!
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20 High Quality 4K VIDEO CTAs Pack

Full Sales System with Sales Page And TY/Download Page Included

Graphics And Licenses Included

Your Fast Action Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus 1: Editing Videos For FREE - Value $65

Fast Action Bonus 2: Video Marketing Mastery - Value $75

Fast Action Bonus 3: Modern Video Marketing Pack - Value $85

Fast Action Bonus 4:

Total Real World Value: 3,725.00

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Yes. If you haven’t downloaded or used the product in 7 Days from the date of purchase.

This PLR was created by a team of professionals to ensure a high level of quality. All of the content was done by a native English speaker, and the content is up-to-date with what’s relevant in 2019.

Because it’s one the highest quality PLR offering being offered online… one sale pays for itself, and the course is packed full of goodies that you can use to earn with yourself. It’s a no-brainer.

It’s incredibly easy to set everything up. You’ll receive detailed instructions that make setup a breeze.

The Yoga For Beginners Video Course PLR are in-demand: from course publishers, to bloggers, product creators, social media marketers, video marketers, and offline consultants, stock media files has something for everyone… the potential for this package is truly endless & your customers can use them with complete confidence for all their projects…

This is structured as a dime sale, so the price is increasing… After 7 days, the price will be $37-$47 (which is still a GREAT deal)

VIDEO MARKETING, Membership Sites, SOCIAL MEDIA, VIDEOS, PRODUCT CREATION: You and your customers can use the course to sell it on your own platform, membership site, give it in a bundle or use it to create new content.

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